Italian Art and Medicine

Italiani a Galway has the pleasure to invite to the event ITALIAN ART & MEDICINE which will be held on June 24th at NUI Galway at 3pm. This event will be a small open symposium with three talks on interlinking aspects between Art and Medicine in Italy around the 18th-20th Century. The event is not necessarily for specialists but it will be of interest to a wide audience. The talks will be followed by a short discussion and Q&A session, and, then, at the end, there will be a reception based on Italian gastronomy products.

This event will be associated with an exhibition of high definition images of Susini’s Anatomical Waxes. These are the only existing anatomical models among the ones produced at the La Specola Museum of Florence, which are signed and dated by the great wax modeler Clemente Susini. These masterpieces are the result of his intensive three year long cooperation (1803-1805) with the Sardinian Anatomist Francesco Antonio Boi. These original masterpieces are permanently exhibited at the Citadel of Museums of Cagliari, the Capital City of Sardinia.

This event represents the first time in which all the images of the Cagliari Collection are exhibited outside Italy and this is a courtesy of the University of Cagliari.

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Prof. Paolo Bartoloni, NUI Galway

“I Love my Illness”: The Strange Relation Between Literature and Medicine


Prof. Catherine O’Brien, NUI Galway

Aspects of illness in the life and work of Amedeo Modigliani.


Prof. Alessandro Riva, University of Cagliari and Museum of Susini’s Anatomical Waxes, Cagliari, Italy

Anatomical wax modeling in Italy in the 18th-19th centuries: its artistic and scientific value as seen in the Collection of Cagliari


The admission is free but we would strongly like to know how many people are coming to plan properly for the catering and for choosing the right lecture theatre. We therefore, kindly ask to register at before June 15th (DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED)

Details of venue of the talks and confirmation for the receptions venue along with a more detailed programme will be circulated per email around mid June, to all who registed for the event.



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